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The Salonna system was built and developed to meet the needs of beauty salons and barbershops.

The salon management system was specially designed in accordance with the regulations of salons. This application will continue to be revised and more features will be added to assist the clients. This system will be modified to give users maximum assistance.

Added recently was a web interface to manage salons and expands to manage different locations under a single account; also including the ability to add employees and their schedules in different parts of the industry.

The best solution to manage your appointments booking for salons and barbershops.

Businesses Salonna helps!
Barber shops, Beauty salons, Nail salons, manicures and pedicures, Massage therapy, facial treatments, Hair removal; laser hair removal, Acupuncture clinics, and much more!
Hairdressers and beauty salons

Booking appointments

Manually booking appointments for salon owners.

The Salonna app gives clients the ability to manage appointments in a simple and convenient way. Just select the appropriate appointment time in the business/employee schedule, then enter the client’s name and phone number if necessary in the pop-up window. After, select the acquired service and quantity of people in needing of the service. The system will then calculate the timeframe and make sure the client has an understanding of the scheduled appointment.

Online booking:

Clients can book through the Salonna app by selecting a service from the menu especially tailored. They can then decided the services and times they are available. The system will then take care of the rest, it plans everything out and makes sure both the customer and the server are on the same page.


Customers will be notified of their appointment ahead of time which will limit last minute cancellations.

Automatic Client contact listing

Every customer that booked an appointment through the app will be on a client list. The clients will then receive notifications for their appointments.

Picture upload

If employees want to share their clients transformation, they are able to upload pictures and share it with others. With that in mind, the more people that view it, the larger the business.

Mobile number verification

This application will help to authenticate customers’ cell phone and to verify the client’s identity during their first reservation. This will ensure salons get the booking.

Good to know

Salonna- Content Management System

Upon creating your account on Salonna website, you will get full privileges for using Salonna system for a trial period of 45 days. You don't need a credit card during that trial period, you can add different branches located in different addresses, in addition to schedules for your salons or for those who work for you. After the trail period, you can decide whether to continue or not! If you do not renew your subscription, Salonna App for scheduling will stop displaying your salon and schedules.

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Important information

Salonna is free for your customers

Salonna is free for your clients: Clients can download Salonna App for free from Google Play or App Store without any time limit. With this App, clients can schedule appointments and required services in your salon. In addition to that, they can learn about the profiles of hair or beauty salons, view the images that you share, invite their friends to the App, add your salon to their favorites, and get a reminder on their smartphones before the time they selected for themselves in your salon.

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