Salonna - Salon management

Salon scheduling system

This content management system assists barbershops and beauty salons with scheduling appointments. It even branches out to help create employees' schedules and expands to manage different locations. The Salonna app is a free tool used to make quick and easy appointments for your clients.

This app is accessible from any device such as phones and computers. It is a developed for the day-to-day needs of barbershops and beauty salons.

With advanced technology, the Salonna app uses a friendly user interface and an easy-to-use sontent management system, This app makes it easier for clients to book appointments and for the employees easily accessing the schedule made by the application.

Barbershops and Beauty salons

Salonna was developed to suit works needs and make sure that there is an easy way to fit everything into a schedule. Salonna CMS manages daily appointments and makes it lesss phone to double booking and makes sure the the employees give their clients their full attention. Salonna will help improve your services, saving your lost of time and money.


Booking appointments had never been easier! Just start by searching for the salon of your choice and in a few clickes, your appointments has been made. We will send a reminder notification one hour before the appointment.

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